Frank’s Pizza House | About
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Best Local Pizzeria In Toronto 

Your neighborhood pizza place in Toronto with fast free delivery for all your best pizza needs.
The Restaurant. Frank’s Pizza House is family buisness that has been operated by the Taverniti’s since 1992. The two chefs at this restaurant are a dynamic duo of mother and son. Maria and Giorgio Taverniti are the minds behind the classic Italian dishes they offer to their clients. The restaurant atmosphere is warm and filled with friendly faces that are a staple here. It is filled with aromas of freshly made dough, sizzling pizza and savory espresso.


The Biographies

Maria Taverniti learned the cooking skills she has now mastered at the hands of her mother in law. She was able to evolve her skills through various restaurants throughout Toronto.


Giorgio Taverniti attended the well known Italian culinary progam at George Brown College. The culinary program combined with his mother’s vast knowledge paved the way for him to follow his passion for the culinary arts. Giorgio writes about he passion he’s columnist for the Canadian Pizza Magazine and also a Pizza judge at the Canadian Pizza Show here in Toronto. Giorgio helped develop a Pizza course Pizza 101 at George Brown College and instucted for a numrous of years.